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Remote Viewing

What is Remote Viewing?
Remote Viewing is the art, practice and science of applying one's innate intuitive ability, using a semi-structured mind-body technology, to access information non locally for the purpose of obtaining information about the world around us. It allow us to get descriptions of locations, objects, people and events for the purpose of finding things, crime solving, and understanding the mysterious world we live in. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to inquire about our remote viewing services!
Mountain Climbing

***Classes begin TBD***


Schedule for 2024

The Butterfly Effect Center offers a 6-week online course that teaches the basics of remote viewing. Michelle will teach a modified form of Controlled Remote Viewing through interactive discussions and an emphasis on experiential practice. The course will take place over Zoom video chats once a week for two hours. Students will remote view various objects, events, locations, people, missing things, and even esoteric targets. In addition, they will be given assignments between classes and participate in discussions and fun exercises.

After the course, students will have achieved proficiency in the basics of remote viewing and how to tap into their intuition to perceive an unknown target and acquire information. To reserve a spot, click here.

Trans-Dimensional Remote Viewing

Hybrid Trans-Dimensional Med-Apps

6 Week Course.

Learn how to use Remote Viewing for healing

You will learn how to identify the physical condition of a subject including the origin of the issue.

Also define unique physical characteristics of a subject which can be helpful when searching for a missing person or crime cases. To reserve a spot, click here.

Associative Remote Viewing

4 Week Course.

Learn to Remote View a binary target. This methodology utilized primarily for predicting the result of events, where there are two or more possible outcomes.

***Classes Begin July 27th***

***Classes Begin TBD***

Featured Research Papers

Predicting the 2016 U.S. Election Using a Double Blind Associative Remote Viewing Protocol
The Associative Remote Dreaming Experiment: A Novel Approach to Predicting Future Future Outcomes of Sporting Events
Remote Viewing the Outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election
An Intimate Conversation with Russell Targ: The Other Half of Hella's Brain

Hire Me!

Did you lose your keys, wedding ring, or pet? How about your husband? Do you seek guidance in making tough decisions? Michelle will offer her skills to help! Call for a consultation, or click here to book a session.

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