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Michelle Freed, serving as both Associate Producer and Publicist, is privileged to be a part of this dedicated team. Their shared mission is a courageous venture into the enigmatic realms of the unexplained, driven by the determination to weave a narrative that delves deep into the heart of an intriguing question: Do you believe in Bigfoot? This exciting odyssey will take us to the uncharted territories of the mysterious and the unknown!

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A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed is a documentary film that presents interviews from researchers and eyewitnesses. The film covers historical accounts of Bigfoot, the significance within the indigenous cultures, and the emotional impact of a Bigfoot experience. Does Bigfoot exist? If so, why haven’t we been able to find him? Focused primarily on experiences in the Pacific Northwest region of Oregon and Washington, the documentary also explores sightings in California, Oklahoma, Florida, and Alaska. Featured personalities within the Bigfoot community include Ron Morehead, Peter Byrne, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Mel Skahan, and Todd Neiss. Featured newcomers in the cryptid world include Sonya Zohar and Tobe Johnson. Also featured is the insight of the nationally recognized clinical psychologist, Dr. Michael Adamse. A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed makes a strong case for the existence of Bigfoot and asks the viewer to examine the evidence and come to their own conclusion.

It's Official! Part 2 is coming in October!

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Voices in the Wilderness

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Please help support this highly significant film. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in making this project a reality.


A new captivating documentary that immerses viewers into the realm of Quantum Science while unraveling Ron Morehead's compelling past experiences. These encounters, filled with excitement and mysterious interactions with Bigfoot, have shaped his remarkable life, pushing the boundaries of what we comprehend about the unexplained.


This documentary is dedicated to faithfully portraying Morehead’s extraordinary journey, vividly bringing his narrative to life on the screen. Our commitment to accuracy and realism remains unwavering throughout this process.

From the Filmmakers:

This documentary is long overdue, and we are so excited to bring this story to the big screen!

“Voices In The Wilderness” will be an enthralling documentary that delves into Ron Morehead’s captivating past experiences, unraveling the thrilling encounters and enigmatic interactions with Bigfoot that have defined his extraordinary life, challenging our understanding of the unexplained.

Our production team recognizes the profound significance of Ron Morehead’s captivating encounters chronicled in his book, “Voices in The Wilderness.” In a testament to the raw authenticity of his experiences, we’ve embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime storytelling opportunity. This documentary will faithfully portray Morehead’s extraordinary journey, bringing his words to life on the screen with an unwavering commitment to truth and realism.

Our previous documentaries, “A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed,” and the sequel coming out in October of this year, “A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot,” have set up Ron’s story to be told with the same attention to detail both to the story and powerful visuals. Filming with Ron began in September of 2022 and will pick up again in September of this year.

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